Bridge Design and Rating

AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating Products are comprehensive bridge design and load rating tools developed by AASHTO. For an agencies’ bridge inventory, the products store detailed bridge descriptions sufficient for structural analysis. AASHTOWare Bridge Rating (BrR) is the tool for rating bridge superstructures in accordance with the AASHTO Manual for Condition Evaluation of Bridges, AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation, AASHTO Standard Specification and AASHTO LRFD Specification. AASHTOWare Bridge Design (BrD) is a tool for assisting in the design of both superstructure and substructures in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD specification. The two products share much of their user interface and database. When both products are licensed a bridge can be designed using BrD and be immediately available to BrR for load rating without having to enter and validate additional data.

AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating Products are administered under the AASHTO Cooperative Computer Software Development Program, also referred to as the AASHTO Joint Development Program.  The product roadmap and the development projects are guided and managed by a task force. The Product Task Force, together with other advisory task forces, is directed by the Special Committee on AASHTOWare (SCOA). For the current fiscal year, the products are licensed by more than 30 state transportation agencies and more than 400 consultant licenses have been issued.