AASHTOWare Bridge Management 6.5 Release Announcement

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force is pleased to announce the release of AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) version 6.5. The primary focus of this release is to enhance the functionality of the Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) module. Agencies can now create bridge-level life cycle plans that fit their specific practices and policies for any given bridge. This functionality is useful whether a user is programming work that is scheduled to be done in the short term (5 years or less), or is developing a long-term program (e.g. 10, 15, 20, 50 years, etc.).

What’s New in BrM 6.5

  • Implemented a new LCCA Optimization module to generate optimal Life Cycle Plans. The module analyzes different alternatives and recursively selects the alternatives with the least life cycle costs.
  • The new LCCA recursive module leverages the current Network Policies and LCCA Policies pages, however, the policies are used in a new context. The Network Policies are used to generate the alternatives that the module will optimize, and the LCCA Policies are used to prevent the bridge from falling below a certain threshold.
  • The new algorithm generates Life Cycle Plans from alternative actions (defined by Network Policies), condition-based actions (defined by LCCA Policies), and manually added actions (defined by users selecting from Actions, Projects, Network Policies, or Work Candidates).
  • Users can now visually compare up to three Plans via Performance, Timing, and Life Cycle Cost charts.
  • Added optimization queues to the Programs > Program Planning and Analysis > LCCA tasks. Users can now easily queue optimizations and observe which optimization is currently running.
  • Added an option to the optimizer to allow you to recalculate the structure weight for each year of the optimization period.
  • Added Utility without LCC type to rule builder in Admin > Modeling Config > Network Policies and Admin > Modeling Config > LCCA Policy Rules tasks.
  • Added Action User Cost as an associated benefit groups option for actions on the Admin > Modeling Config > Actions Defs task.
  • Added a User Cost section to the Projects > Create/Edit Projects tasks.
  • Added UserCost context and example formulas to the Admin > Modeling Config > Advanced Formulas task.
  • Added NBI Element Conversions report that shows how the conversion profiles are interacting with the inspection data.
  • Added the Time in State report that shows how long bridges have been in their rating condition.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements (full list supplied with the release notes).

The changes included in the latest release, AASHTOWare BrM 6.5, are also highlighted in this release video:

Download BrM 6.5 Now

AASHTOWare BrM 6.5 and supporting documentation are now available for download from ShareFile:

Please make sure to read the Release Notes prior to installing BrM 6.5. Email brm@mayvue.com with any questions or concerns, or if any issues during the installation process.

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force