AASHTOWare Bridge Management 6.6 Release Announcement

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force is pleased to announce the release of AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) version 6.6. This release provides a wide range of prioritized enhancements and new functionalities to BrM agencies. Agencies now have access to log and track Critical Findings, enter and manage User Certifications, and inventory and inspect Sign assets, to name a few. The summary list of everything included in 6.6 can be found below.

What’s New in BrM 6.6

  • Program Funding Allocation Enhancements – These enhancements allow agencies to subdivide by project category, providing agencies with more granular results from their optimizations. 
  • Critical Findings Module – This module allows an agency to create and manage bridge-level Critical Findings, configure approval workflows for newly submitted Critical Findings, and report Critical Findings to configured FHWA contacts. In addition, agency administrators can view a dashboard of all Critical Findings, assign tasks (inspections, load ratings, etc.) to BrM users as part of resolving a Critical Finding, mark addressed Critical Findings as resolved, and create Work Candidates via Critical Finding Intermediate Actions. 
  • User Certifications – This module allows an agency to create and manage agency-level Experience Types (such as Bridge Inspection Experience), Certifications (such as 130055 Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges), and Qualifications (such as Bridge Inspection Team Lead). Agencies can write SQL queries defining the combination of Experience Types and/or Certifications required for a given user to qualify for a Qualification, configure whether users may upload their own Experience Types and Certifications via the existing Profile page, and upload and manage user Experience Types and Certifications on user’s behalf via existing Admin > Security > Users task. In addition, agencies can review and approve user-submitted Certifications, configure email notifications for expiring Certifications, grant temporary Qualifications to users that have not submitted full documentation, and suspend existing Qualifications. 
  • Signs Module – The Signs module allows an agency to manage their Signs inventory and inspections within BrM and provides a designated list view for Signs assets, as well as Inventory and Inspection tasks. Similar to the Tunnels module within BrM, the Signs module is part of the continued evolution of BrM into an asset management platform. The module will leverage many of the existing tools and features already built into BrM and will allow agencies to configure certain parts of the module to inventory and inspect assets (including elements) in accordance with their agency policies.
  • Asset Element Condition Grid – The enhancements to the Asset Element Condition Grid control in Visual Form Editor provides support for existing ancillary asset types of Tunnel and Signs as well as any agency-created Ancillary Asset types.
  • Multimedia Enhancements – Allows an agency to define Multimedia Sub-Category values and to map those values to existing Category values to more granularly define the Category and Sub-Category of a given Multimedia file.
  • Additional Enhancements:
    • Mapping Widget – Added a Mapping Widget that can be added to any new or existing Visual Form Editor task.
    • ODBC Alternative – Added ADO as an available connection type on the Admin > Security > Databases task.
    • Enhanced Excel Output for LCCA Plans – Added the ability to include both the inputs and outputs in the Excel output for LCCA plans.
    • LCCA Plans Work Candidate Label – Modified the Actions list view in Create/Edit Plan to display if the added action was added as a work candidate.
    • Pyramid Navigation – Added the Admin > Modeling Config > Pyramid task as a visual representation of the tasks within BrM, in alignment with the training sessions/materials. This visual includes links to each task in the process.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements (full list supplied with the release notes).

BrM 6.6 Release Video

The changes included in the latest release, AASHTOWare BrM 6.6, are also highlighted in this release video:

Download BrM 6.6 Now

AASHTOWare BrM 6.6 and supporting documentation are now available for download from ShareFile

  • BrM6_Enterprise(64bit) – This is the install for BrM Enterprise if you have BrM installed.
  • BrM6_Workstation – This is the install for BrM Workstation if you do not have BrM installed.
  • BrM66_Updater – This is for those that already have BrM 6.x installed and want to upgrade to the latest version.

Please make sure to read the Release Notes and supporting documentation prior to installing BrM 6.6. Email brm@mayvue.com with any questions or concerns, or if there are any issues during the installation process.

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force