AASHTOWare Bridge Management 6.7.1 Patch Release: Dashboard Enhancements, Improved API Security, and Bug Fixes

The Task Force has released a patch for the AASHTOWare Bridge Management software. This patch release, BrM 6.7.1, includes various fixes reported by agencies since the release of BrM 6.7, provides API security upgrades, and applies numerous other updates. As always, the Task Force recommends upgrading to the latest version of BrM to take advantage of new features, fixes, and upgrades.

The key features of this update make AASHTOWare Bridge Management 6.7.1 a pivotal advancement in bridge asset management:

  1. API Security Upgrade. Users leveraging BrM’s API are required to upgrade to version 6.7.1 to benefit from policy-based security. This enhancement empowers organizations to control API permissions based on user roles, ensuring a granular approach to authorization.
  2. Dashboards Import/Export Feature. Users can now seamlessly download and upload dashboards between their test and production environments with the new Dashboards Import/Export feature.
  3. Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Updates. From optimizing LCCA policy rules to fixing issues with auth_token in scheduled tasks and ensuring the proper display of columns on mapping options, this update aims to create a more reliable and efficient platform.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management 6.7.1 provides users with a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform. Upgrade to BrM 6.7.1 today to unlock these powerful features and stay at the forefront of bridge management technology.