AASHTOWare Bridge Management Newsletter

February 2023

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force product update is provided to keep all AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) Software users apprised of recent activity related to the development of the software. The Task Force is committed to providing quarterly updates to help improve communication between the Task Force and those interested in the product.

BrM 7.0

Mayvue is working on the BrM 7.0 updates as final details are being defined. Specifically, a meeting with the Database TAG will be occurring in the near term to define the 7.0 database structure. The early 7.0 release is planned for Spring/Summer 2023, at which time the agencies that have contributed the full solicitation amount will receive a test environment where they can see the latest development progress and begin testing. The Mayvue-supplied cloud-hosted environment will be updated as development progress is made until the official 7.0 release is provided to users in 2024. As part of this process, Mayvue will be reaching out to the contributing agencies to define the unique needs associated with the cloud-hosted environments. The Task Force, Mayvue, and the user community alike are excited that this next chapter in the BrM lifecycle is underway. Please reach out to the Task Force members if you have questions.

BrM 6.7 Status Update

BrM 6.7 is fully developed and is currently being beta tested. Members of the Testing TAG traveled to Pittsburgh, PA during the week of February 6th, 2023, to complete testing of the 6.7 release in person with Mayvue. The testing was successful and yielded a few changes before it is ready for official release to the user community. In the meantime, beta testing is continuing at the agency’s offices while Mayvue builds another release for consideration.

As previously discussed, the 6.7 release includes a Dashboard tool that enables agencies to set up, manage, and view a variety of visualizations within BrM. The release also provides a much-anticipated Ancillary Assets module that will enable agencies to set up various (transportation infrastructure specific) asset types and begin collecting inventory and inspection data. An NBI conversion profile enhancement, which was high on the user priority list is provided in the release as well. Finally, Mayvue has added various other features and maintenance fixes since the 6.6 release in July 2022.

BrM 6.7 should be available to the user community in March 2023 and will be the last version 6.X release of BrM. Future releases will use the BrM 7.X platform in support of the new coding guide.

Dashboards – BrM 6.7 Highlight of Coming Functionality

Dashboards have been a highly anticipated addition to the BrM software for several years. This was the highest voted priority for users during the 2021 BrMUG. The 6.7 release will provide a dashboard widget that supplies users with tools to create and modify their visual dashboards within BrM.

User-defined queries pull data from the database into visual dashboards. Agencies can create these dashboards and use the Visual Forms Editor to display specific information on pages of their choice. The release notes will provide users with examples and additional information to quickly generate dashboards, as it requires some setup and querying to be properly handled.

We look forward to seeing the interesting and useful dashboards that users create at the next BrMUG!

Solicitation Update

The Task Force would like to thank the agencies who have contributed to the 7.0 solicitation efforts. These contributions are ensuring the BrM software will meet the new coding guide requirements and take full advantage of the opportunity to create a sustainable product for the next generation. To those who are still working internally to contribute – your support is still needed. We understand this is can be a complicated process and we thank you for the efforts to push this to fruition. If your agency has not contributed, there is still time to do so. Every contribution helps to make the product better and more sustainable. Please reach out to the Task Force, Mayvue, and/or Ryan Fragapane for more information about the benefits and process for contributing.

We are all excited about the result: A new version of the BrM software that meets the new NBIS rules and the ever-growing needs of transportation agencies.

AASHTOWare BrM Mobile Inspection powered by Mayvue

Member Departments and Associate Members wishing to use the AASHTOWare Bridge Mobile Inspection powered by Mayvue can license this application through AASHTO.

This application enables agencies to conduct inspections via Android and Apple phone or tablet devices remotely. It works offline and online to allow inspectors to collect inspection information without an internet connection. Please reach out to Mayvue or Ryan Fragapane for more information or to request a demonstration for your agency.

Save the Date

Please save the date for the 2023 Bridge Management User Group (BrMUG) meeting which will be held September 19 – 20, 2023 in Boise, ID.