AASHTOWare Bridge Management Newsletter

November 2022

Solicitation Update

While contributions to the solicitation continue to come in, the work plan for the BrM 7.0 software release is being finalized. AASHTO, the Task Force, and Mayvue recently held a kickoff call for contributing agencies to review the work plan and schedule. Mayvue is working on an early release of BrM 7.0, which will be delivered to contributing agencies as cloud-hosted sites to enable them to begin transitioning to the next version of the software. These hosted sites will be updated frequently until the official 7.0 release is available.

The Task Force will host a series of calls for contributing agencies leading up to the official release. Agencies can use this time to provide input while development is progressing. The software will be delivered to agencies on schedule to ensure there is adequate time to implement, train internal staff, and hit the ground running to meet all NBIS needs.

To those that have already contributed to this important endeavor – We cannot thank you enough! Your contributions have ensured that this software will meet the new requirements as it is rewritten and will take full advantage of the opportunity to create a sustainable product for the next generation. To those who are still working internally to contribute – We know this is a process and thank you as well. If your agency has not contributed, there is still time to do so. Every contribution helps to make the product better. Please reach out to the Task Force, Mayvue, and/or Ryan Fragapane for more information about the benefits and process for contributing.

We are all excited about the result: A new version of the BrM software that meets the new NBIS rules and the ever-growing needs of transportation agencies.

BrM 6.7 Development Status

Mayvue recently surpassed the 75% development completion mark of the BrM 6.7 release and demonstrated the progress to the Testing TAG in early November. This release includes a Dashboard tool that enables agencies to set up, manage, and view a variety of visualizations within BrM. Additionally, the Ancillary Assets module will enable agencies to set up asset types and begin collecting inventory and inspection data for those assets.

Over the next two months, Mayvue will complete the development effort and transition into beta testing. In February 2023, Members of the Testing TAG will travel to Pittsburgh, PA to perform a hyper-focused beta testing session with Mayvue. The official release of BrM 6.7 will occur in March 2023. This release will be the last version 6 release of the software. The next official release will be on the new platform as BrM 7.0 in June 2024.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management Product Update

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force product update is provided to keep all AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) Software users apprised of recent activity related to the development of the software. The Task Force is committed to providing quarterly updates to help improve communication between the Task Force and those interested in the product.

AASHTOWare BrM Mobile Inspection powered by Mayvue

Member Departments and Associate Members wishing to use the AASHTOWare Bridge Mobile Inspection powered by Mayvue can license this application through AASHTO.

This application enables agencies to conduct inspections via Android and Apple phone or tablet devices remotely. It works offline and online to allow inspectors to collect inspection information without an internet connection. Please reach out to Mayvue or Ryan Fragapane for more information or to request a demonstration for your agency.

Reminder: BrM 6.6 is Available

BrM 6.6 was released to the user community in July 2022 and is available for download on the BrM ShareFile site. This release includes functionality requested by the user community, including:

  • Funding by Project Allocation
  • Critical Findings/Request for Action Module
  • User Certification Module
  • Multimedia Enhancements (various)
  • Excel Projects Upload Enhancement
  • BrM Mapping Widget

Please reach out to Mayvue if you need access to the installation files. If you are a cloud hosted agency, email Mayvue to request an upgrade and coordinate the timing.

2022 BrMUG

It was great to see the BrM user community in person again after two years of virtual meetings. We would like to thank all those who attended and presented this year. There was a heavy focus on the plans for BrM 7.0 and the next steps as well as interesting presentations from various States. We hope everyone felt well-informed and learned more about the software and the future direction. We noticed many good conversations spilled over into the hallways and the after-hour events. We look forward to continued excitement next year in Boise, ID (more information to come).

If you’re interested in reviewing any of the presentations from this year’s BRMUG, please visit the 2022 User Group Meeting page.

New BrMUG Officers

During the BrMUG, new officers were elected to lead this event for the coming years. We welcome the new volunteers:

  • Ryan Cram, President (KYTC)
  • Jack Legler, Secretary (ITD)
  • Emily Bickley, VP of Inspections (SCDOT)
  • Jacob Armour, VP of Modeling (MIDOT)
  • Corey Cowden, VP of Projects (Caltrans)

We sincerely thank the previous BrMUG officers for their time, dedication, and commitment to the BrM software and user community.