AASHTOWare Bridge Management Product Update

November 2021

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force product update is provided to keep all AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) Software users apprised of recent activity related to the development of the software. The Task Force is committed to providing quarterly updates to help improve communication between the Task Force and those interested in the product.

BrM Version 6.6 Release Update

Mayvue completed the 100% BrM 6.6 release demonstration to the Testing TAG in early November. This demonstration focused on the major enhancements coming in version 6.6 including: 

  • Funding by Project Allocation
  • Critical Findings/Request for Action Module
  • User Certification Module
  • Addressed Accrued Technical Debt
  • Multimedia Enhancements (various)
  • Excel Projects Upload Enhancement 
  • BrM Mapping Widget

The Testing TAG is in the process of testing the 6.6 release, including full installation testing. However, the planned path to release version 6.6 to the user community has been changed since the last Product Update. Version 6.6 was originally scheduled to be released in January 2022; however, in October 2021, the Task Force requested a modification to the BrM 6.6 contract with Mayvue to incorporate a Signs Module into the BrM software. This enhancement is possible thanks to the generosity of the following agencies who contributed service units to fund the Signs module design and development. 

  • Alabama DOT
  • Arizona DOT
  • California DOT
  • Delaware DOT
  • Idaho TD
  • Rhode Island DOT

The new release date for version 6.6 is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2022. 

The addition of the Signs Module provides a means for agencies to begin inspecting and managing their signs within BrM. Additional information related to the Signs Module is provided in the subsequent article.

The version 6.6 testing plan has been modified to accommodate this late addition. Mayvue will conduct an additional BrM 6.6 release demonstration focused specifically on the Signs Module. At that point, all testing feedback for the original version 6.6 features (listed above) should be submitted and addressed by Mayvue. Following the Signs Module walk-through, the Testing TAG will complete another round of beta testing focused solely on the Signs Module addition before providing their release recommendation. If you have any questions about the Signs Module or the release plan for version 6.6, please reach out to the Task Force.

BrM Signs Module (Coming Soon)

Similar to the existing Tunnels module, the addition of the Signs Module is a component of the evolution of BrM to provide support for additional agency assets. The Signs Module will leverage many of the existing tools and features already built into BrM and will allow agencies to configure certain parts of the module to inventory and inspect signs (including elements) in accordance with their agency’s policies. Signs Module functionality included in the BrM version 6.6 release includes:

  • View a list of signs
  • Building and generating sign reports
  • Creating, viewing, and editing Sign elements
  • Creating, viewing, and editing Sign inventory
  • Creating, viewing, and editing Sign inspections
  • Creating, viewing, and editing Sign element inspections
  • Creating, viewing, and editing Sign panels
  • Uploading, viewing, and editing Sign multimedia
  • Creating, viewing, and editing Sign work candidates
  • Setting and updating Sign element longitude and latitude

This introductory version of the BrM Signs Module will provide agencies with the initial foundation to inventory, inspect, and manage signs in a manner similar to their tunnels and/or bridge assets. It is important to note that the Michigan Department of Transportation is currently working on supplemental enhancements that, once incorporated, will significantly improve the base Signs Module being added in version 6.6. 

NBIS/SNBI Compliance Solicitation Brochure

A digital brochure that highlights the forthcoming NBIS/SNBI solicitation and the importance of contributions to ensure the sustainability of the AASHTOWare Bridge Management software is planned to be distributed to member agencies in the coming weeks. This brochure will also provide additional pertinent information such as the expected contribution amount, elements of the work plan to enhance the software and benefits for contributing agencies.

The NBIS/SNBI solicitation brochure is intended to inform AASHTOWare Bridge Management end-users, but also includes important information for other decision-makers and management within the agencies.

Please keep an eye out for this brochure, and in the meantime, attention to any questions regarding the solicitation or commitments to Ryan Fragapane (AASHTOWare Bridge Management Project Manager).

2021 BrM User Group Meeting (BrMUG) Recap

The Task Force would like to thank all who participated in the 2021 Virtual BrMUG meeting. While virtual for the second straight year, the event was a success with excellent user participation. 

The Task Force would like to remind everyone that video recordings of the BrMUG and speaker PowerPoint presentations are available on the AASHTOWare Bridge website here

The Task Force would also like to remind agencies that feedback is always welcomed. Agencies do not need to wait until next year’s BrMUG/annual survey.

Finally, the BrMUG officers will distribute the results of this years’ BrM enhancement voting in the coming weeks, so all participants can see where their votes landed in terms of the user-voted enhancements. 

2022 BrMUG – Save the Date

Please save the date for the 2022 Bridge Management User Group Meeting (BrMUG) which will be held September 13 – 14, 2022. The meeting is planned to be in person in Minneapolis, MN.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces again in 2022!

AASHTOWare BrM Mobile Inspection powered by Mayvue 

Earlier this year, AASHTO signed a master licensing agreement with Mayvue for the inclusion of a BrM Mobile Inspection application to be included in the annual AASHTOWare catalog. AASHTO Member Departments and Associate Members wishing to use the AASHTOWare Bridge Mobile Inspection powered by Mayvue can now license this application through AASHTO.

This application enables agencies to conduct inspections via Android and Apple phone or tablet devices remotely. It works offline and online to allow inspectors to collect inspection information without an internet connection. Please reach out to Mayvue or the AASHTOWare BrM project manager for more information.

BrM Version 6.7 Planning

The Task Force is currently working with Mayvue to define the scope of release version 6.7. There is no shortage of options when it comes to new enhancements thanks to the BrMUG voting and South Carolina DOT’s and Michigan DOT’s donated enhancements. The Task Force plans to evaluate all options and select enhancements that add the most value to the software. The Task Force is targeting a work plan draft in January 2022. This will then become the work plan from which Mayvue will develop the next version of the software. The Task Force will provide an update of the planned enhancements for version 6.7 with the next AASHTOWare Bridge Management product update.

As always, if you would like to champion one of the BrMUG voted priorities, the Task Force would greatly appreciate your assistance. Please reach out to Mayvue, the Task Force, and/or the AASHTOWare Bridge Project Manager for more information.

Reminder – BrM Training Videos Available

The Task Force authorized the creation of numerous BrM training videos focused on frequently asked questions and available functionalities/modules added to the software. These videos contain useful information for all levels of users and are readily available on the BrM YouTube channel located here. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to receive notifications whenever a video is released. Requests for additional topics to be considered for video instruction should be submitted to BrM@mayvue.com. Your input is always appreciated.

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force