User support is provided to licensed AASHTOWare Bridge Management users via telephone, email and our online support center.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management Support Center

Members of BrM’s user community can submit bugs, maintenance items, and enhancement requests to Mayvue’s dedicated support team. These requests can be submitted online through, via email to, or via telephone at (877) 462-9883. Once submitted, users can view past requests and associated comments, add new requests, and escalate tickets if needed.

Service Units

Agencies wishing to supplement the support hours available under its selected license may purchase Service Units to meet their forecasted support needs. This additional service is not a prerequisite for licensing the AASHTOWare Bridge Management software, nor does it affect in any way the normal support, maintenance, and enhancement services provided under the AASHTO license agreement and normal fee structure for the AASHTOWare Bridge Management software.

Hosting and Add-On (HAO) Service Units

Licensees are also able to purchase optional AASHTO Hosting and Add-On (HAO) Service Units to enhance the overall capabilities of their product’s instance. As a web-based system, BrM can be hosted through a web server owned and maintained by the agency or in a secure cloud environment through an agreement with Mayvue. HAOs can be used for this purpose.