Tentative BrDR Enhancement Schedule

TaskDescriptionBrDR 7.1 (August 2021)BrDR 7.2 (January 2022)
1BRDRSUP-1619 Schedule based RC I bean with post tensioningx
2BRDRSUP-1620 Phi factor for moment MCB PTx
11Load Rating Tool’s Permit Analysis Settingx
12BrM Web Service Integrationx
13Allow user to specify custom file paths for various outputx
14API License Mechanismx
15Support Oracle Container databasex
16Prestressed Concrete Design Tool Phase 2x
17Steel Design Toolx
18Analysis Results Comparison Tool – Only includes analysis of superstructurex
19Simplified Analysis API for LRFR Permit Load Analysis (funded by SCDOT)x
20Data Exchange via IFC Bridge Data Standard (funded by RIPI)x
21Load Rating Tool – Addition of MCB & Multi-Girder Superstructures LRFR (funded by ID, KS, LA, IL, IN, OH, SC, VA, and TF)x
22Load Rating Tool – Addition of Slab System LFR and LRFR (funded by ID, KS, LA, IL, IN, OH, SC, VA, and TF)x LFRx LRFR
23Support Active Directory Authenticationx

If you have questions about any of these scheduled enhancements, please reach out to Judy Tarwater, AASHTOWare Bridge Program Manager at jtarwater@aashto.org.