AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating 7.1 Release Announcement

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force is pleased to deliver version 7.1 of the AASHTOWare Bridge Design (BrD) and AASHTOWare Bridge Rating (BrR) products and the combined Design and Rating product (BrDR).  This release brings you exciting improvements and features that built on top of the version 7.0 modernized platform.  This release adds the following capabilities and features:

  1. Advanced concrete beams for girder system and girder line
    • Wide variety of cross sections can be modeled including non-symmetric and precast shapes
    • Regions of post-tensioning and regions of reinforced concrete within the same member
    • Overlapping post-tensioning tendons
    • Select stage of post-tensioning application
    • Hinges can be present in select construction stages
  2. Multi-cell box beam enhancements
    • Ability to specify standalone and connected structure models for live load distribution factors computation
    • Ability to consider exterior web as interior web for live load distribution factors computation
    • Ability to distribute post-tensioning forces to individual webs by percentages
    • Ability to enter loads on an individual web
    • Ability to specify percent of dead load flexure and shear for individual webs
  3. Ability to specify LRFD resistance factors for tension-controlled post-tensioned concrete sections with bonded strands or tendons
  4. LRFD live load distribution factor applicability ranges enhancements
    • Limit single lane lever rule to multi-lane equation
    • Limit live load distribution factor values to lever rule value
    • Difference in skew angle between adjacent supports override
    • Range of applicability for slabs
    • Live load distribution factor equations for one and two cell multi-cell box structures
  5. 3D analysis for reinforced concrete and steel superstructures with in-span hinges
  6. AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) web service integration
  7. Load Rating Tool enhancements
    • Ability to specify permit analysis settings
    • Addition of slab system LFR
  8. Simplified Analysis API for LRFR permit load analysis
  9. Ability to specify user-defined file paths for various output
  10. Analysis Results Comparison Tool
  11. Support Active Directory authentication
  12. Support Oracle container database architecture
  13. License enforcement mechanism improvement
  14. Application Program Interface documentation updates

The appropriate system download package, with Bridge Design, Bridge Rating, or both, is provided in accordance with your AASHTO license agreement.  Installation instructions are provided within the AASHTOWare Bridge Startup Guide in the download package.

Software distribution is handled based on the information the organization provides when the software is licensed.  The system download package will be distributed to the organization’s shipping designee.  If no shipping designee is provided, the download package will be distributed to the end user designee.

Please direct any questions to AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating Technical Support at BrDR@promiles.com.